The State Senator Governor Malloy fears the most - Len Suzio.

During the last 2 elections Governor Malloy and the Democrat Party made defeating Len Suzio their number 1 priority among legislative races. Len led the fight to reduce Connecticut's hidden gas tax and he has fought against the notorious Early Release Program for the last 5 years. Almost every leading Democratic politician in the state, including Malloy Administration officials personally visited Len's state senate district to try to defeat him in 2012 and again in 2014.

Len Suzio

Len Suzio was state senator during 2011 and 2012. He currently is a member of the State of Connecticut Victim Advocate Advisory Board. As state senator Len Suzio led the successful fight to cap the "hidden gas tax" that took an additional $60 million of taxes per year from Connecticut families.

Len Suzio for the last 5 years has lead the fight against Connecticut's notorious "Early Release Law" that lets violent criminals out of jail early. Len Suzio had identified more than 500 sexual assaults and murders committed by early release prisoners. If you want to help end this dangerously failed program please sign the petition calling on the Governor to terminate the Early Release Program by clicking here: End Early Release news and petition



In the last 5 years Governor Malloy and the Democrat controlled legislature have passed 2 of the biggest tax increases in the history of Connecticut - but the state faces more budget deficits as far as the eye can see. Connecticut families cannot tolerate another tax increase, but Governor Malloy is planning another tax increase - after the election!

Len Suzio has signed a pledge to all voters and taxpayers: Len will vote against and actively fight any tax increase proposed by the Governor. Len successfully fought for a reduction in the hidden gas tax in 2012. He will fight just as hard against any tax increase proposed by Governor Malloy (or any legislator) if elected to represent you as your state senator.



Jobs: In the 1980's the Small Business Administration named Len the leading "banker advocate" for small business in Connecticut. Len worked with more than 100 businesses helping companies start up and expand and create thousands of jobs here in Connecticut.

Small Businesses employ more than half of the workforce in Connecticut and are the most important source of new jobs.

Len has developed "The First Five Thousand Program" to finance up to 5,000 Connecticut companies at little cost to the state - and with zero credit risk. His proposed program was subject to a hearing by the Legislature's Commerce Committee during 2012 and was unanimously acclaimed by the business and banking community. Every representative of the business community who testified supported the program. Small business owners, chambers of commerce, small business associations, all supported the program. The First Five Thousand Program has the potential to create 50,000 to 100,000 jobs in Connecticut.



Len Suzio has led the fight against the infamous Early Release Program that has allowed thousands of violent criminals out of jail early to resume their criminal lives. With information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act Len Suzio has discovered that more than 100 murders and 400 rapes have been committed by criminals released before serving their full sentence in the last 4 years. Len has gathered thousands of signatures on a petition to end the Early Release Program and has exposed the shocking crimes committed by convicts released early from prison because of this program.

As a result of the public pressure led by Len Suzio the Legislature in 2015 made persistent dangerous sex offenders and persistent dangerous felony offenders ineligible for participation in the Early Release Program. That's a start but it's not enough.



Is Len Suzio's environmental record important to you? During his term as state senator Len received a perfect 100% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters. Check out Len's environmental scorecard here



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